In Christ alone

God is Love

I was jolted once more, into the realisation that we are not meant to operate outside of God. We are not designed to be outside Him & we thrive for the gospel, when we are in immersed in Him.

This reminder came as a result of a sermon by Tim Keller on love. If you have never taken time to consider what real love is, I’d recommend you give it a listen. It’s God. God is love and Keller has a way of driving scripture and realities home.

My heart is very often tested (every 4 seconds or so) about why I do the works and things I do in the name of Jesus. We remain legalistic in our thinking of Christ, albeit we recognize & catch glimpses of what His gift of grace is.

He brings us to our knees. He prompts, guides, converts and restores. Every part of the process with Christ is only because and through Him. No thoughts, acts or reduced road rage on my part got me to the point where I saw truth.

He did all the work. He took on my wrong. He paid the price.

We know this and we still have a 2% desire to win salvation so that 98% of our heart gets to take home the trophy.

The truth is he doesn’t need us but chooses to include us. You need to understand how beautiful that is. It’s his love which equips us to go out and love and do – we are serving and loving because we love Him and are desperate to show that. When we are serving and loving outside him we are no longer serving and loving. Something else is sitting in the heart then.

As a new Christian, my life is currently a time of seeing my old self die and life in Christ unfold in all its beauty every day. In all its beauty and ‘disorder’. Gods plans and times are definitely not our own. It’s as though you are standing on a cliff and around you and above you and before you is God but you sometimes turn around and go to the edge of the cliff and see old things and people. It hurts because you can’t think or be with those people. The hurt does not come from the loss of the individual but from the great pain that they live outside of true love. They are not in Christ.

They are in work, relationships, money, power, moral correctness, eco-friendly projects, niceties, and kindness to poor, giving to charity and lending a helping hand. They are walking around doing good and serving others

But they are not in the love and fellowship of Christ.

So my reminder is to continue in Him alone. When I laugh I hope my laughter glorifies him, when I cry I hope my tears bring glory to Him, when I dance I hope my dancing brings glory to Him because I have spent so long living outside Him that I know with absolute certainty there is nothing to be had there.