Our Generations Thrill Seeking Issue

So here is something that is noticeable in a 20 something’s lifestyle. We are thrill seeking, quick-high hunters. We don’t want to wait it out for much. That is not going to work too well if we’re looking to please God.

Like when someone explained to me, it took Noah more than 5 minutes to build the ark I thought: “Wow, that’s commitment!“. Its challenged me on faithfulness, commitment and seeking His will and not my own. Its corrected my thinking of serving Christ. it seems there is a lesser need to be in China and a greater need to remain faithful in my day to day life with Him.

The immediate robs you of the everlasting” is how Francis Chan puts it.

May we learn to persist in the mundane and see the privilege in becoming more like Jesus through what might seem painfully boring, dull and tough. In the trials, tribulations and temptation may we seek Him and may we delight in the disciplines of repetitive Godly living.


The 20 minute walk

The elders from church tell me “after you have walked for this many years you will  (insert wise advice here)” . Jesus knows my heart and its on fire. Sometimes I am so taken by the fact that I am loved by God, that I lock myself out the flat or miss lunch. It might just be that I’m a bit scatter brained? Either way, I think its similar to when you start dating someone you don’t deserve.

The 20 minute walk is a salute to the new in Christ. I get what you’re doing, because I’m on about 7 minutes of my walk. You’re so excited, semi – burnt out from involvement, confused some moments and lost in awe in others. Love takes on its right meaning, its starting to all makes sense and you can’t quite understand how you ever thought anything else was particularly fun or fulfilling. You’re trying to take in as much as you can as fast as you can because its.just.unreal.

Don’t get me started on the answer to prayers and spiritual gifts. I could dedicate around nine posts to prayer in my life over the last year alone. We literally are allowed to communicate with God ALMIGHTY! He lives in me and we get to talk. I know this truth and its just insane! Try it. try talking to God. Its something you have to do for yourself.

People worshiping for hours finally makes you excited. Things just make sense. Your hairstyle, peoples attitudes, why you ate tuna salad for lunch. It just makes sense! Amen and thank you Jesus for what you have done.