Jesus is God. Jesus is man.

God will use any and every point of interaction between you and another human to bring glory to Himself. Whether you get to see that, or currently know that, is 100% irrelevant to it being the truth. (both generally and for the point of this post).

As Christians, this is not to say we need to suck and remain confused about how to bring abstract things to a practical reality for people. It’s so important because that is how the world unfolds before us; in practical little steps of existing. There is a necessary relationship between doctrine and the hours between 8:00 am – 17:00 pm. sometimes its even wiser to reject your theories and look at your actions.

We say a lot of things. Possibly too many.

So sometimes its healthy to look at what exactly is is you say you believe and then stretch yourself to see whether you believe it or not. That goes for any single human being searching for anything real or authentic at any point in life.

Having just started the book of 1John, and studying the first 4 verses – I was reminded, through one of John Pipers teachings, about the practicalities of what we say when we profess that Jesus is God, man and eternal. Not to ruin the beautiful words of Piper:

excerpt; “Eternal Life has Appeared in Christ”

Many are willing to believe in Christ if he remains a merely spiritual reality. But when we preach that Christ has become a particular man in a particular place issuing particular commands and dying on a particular cross exposing the particular sins of our particular lives, then the preaching ceases to be acceptable for many.

When God Becomes Man . . .

I don’t think it is so much the mystery of a divine and human nature in one person that causes most people to stumble over the doctrine of the incarnation. The stumbling block is that if the doctrine is true, every single person in the world must obey this one particular Jewish man. Everything he says is law. Everything he did is perfect. And the particularity of his work and word flow out into history in the form of a particular inspired book (written in the particular languages of Greek and Hebrew) that claims a universal authority over every other book that has ever been written.

This is the stumbling block of the incarnation—when God becomes a man, he strips away every pretense of man to be God. We can no longer do our own thing; we must do what this one Jewish man wants us to do. We can no longer pose as self-sufficient, because this one Jewish man says we are all sick with sin and must come to him for healing. We can no longer depend on our own wisdom to find life, because this one Jewish man who lived for 30 obscure years in a little country in the Middle East says, “I am the way the truth and the life.”

When God becomes a man, man ceases to be the measure of all things, and this man becomes the measure of all things. This is simply intolerable to the rebellious heart of men and women. The incarnation is a violation of the bill of human rights written by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is totalitarian. It’s authoritarian! Imperialism! Despotism! Usurpation! Absolutism! Who does he think he is!


End of excerpt

So, you’ve got to think about that because now it’s closer to home. Someone in the SPAR queue, might say to you: Eden…you’re telling me God became a man a while back? He then died on a cross for us. A cross made out of a real tree that someone chopped down.This person has also always existed and has no beginning? There was no beginning?”

And I would answer yes. Yes person in SPAR who I am talking to, I am saying I believe that. He could have chosen to appear now in SPAR and die another way for us if he wanted to. I know he has this whole living thing under control though (He is God, which sort of helps that). Oh and person in SPAR, by the way, he is actually here now (another crazy thing I believe) so if you want to know him you should talk to him. He hears and knows and likes talking to people.

I think its important to take the word (absolute truth), and talk it out in a simple practical statement to yourself. A paragraph that is basic and summarizes what you believe. Our lives must be grounded here on earth as much as it is necessary to spend some time getting grounded in the abstract. Know what you know.

Supporting lovely track which ties in way too well with text: Song “Here Now”