Hello fan,

Social celebrations

September 04, 2017

Hello fan,

First, a big thank you!

Whenever you  look to me for a dash of self-validation – I tug at that neediness and manage to exacerbate the void that has existed in your soul since the day you were born.  

Sure,  you use me to  keep in touch with your ex-colleagues and new friends, but we both know it’s mostly your insecurities I’m pandering to. When those likes,  hits and follows come in too few, you feel so low. When they roll in strong, you’re on a high.

Then to your other kin…. It’s amazing that you insist on putting up such ‘defiant’ resistance to my cunning ways. Don’t you know you’re playing yourself? Your self-righteous absurdities have me in laughter.

I don’t need to post to affirm myself” or “I’m so much wiser for not self-obsessing with a flurry of pic’s ‘n tweets.”

Tut Tut, you fool.   I have you too.

Your incessant scrolling sings a cowardice song of arrogance.  You spend hours subtly wrestling with self-worth of the worst kind, while applauding yourself for never posting a thing.  

You sit gazing at your air brushed acquaintances and all the hollow festivities you never experienced. Trawling for hours, hoping to feel anything real,  you find joy in mocking those who are scared and lost because you too are scared and lost.  

When your significance finds its home in the eyes of men,  you’ll be forever tormented.  You’ll know nothing of peace as you ride the waves of obsessively comparing.

How laughable to you both.  The one,  who sighs at the thought of losing a follower who never cared – and the one who sits as an arrogant, deluded authority of the human heart.  

Lots of love,


**may Christ help 


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