Soul Friends

What a year. I’ve been back in the hometown for a year this month. What a crazy time! Its ridiculous how good its been. I definitely have had one of the best years of my life. I am thankful for the time and the people that God has blessed me with.

I soon turn 26 and I’m filled with much gratitude.

I’m most thankful for Christ’s ongoing work in my soul. Without God’s work, I would have watched the year pass me by, with dead eyes.

Things are irreversibly different. Particularly on the front of community & friendship.

I thought I understood what it meant to love a friend until I was shown shameless, self-sacrificial love. I thought I knew how to care for people, until I was shown that caring continues beyond hurtful words.

I’d never dreamt that spending time with people could bring me such deep joy and happiness. I would never have guessed, that while we’re all still so broken, Christ’s giving hands and heart would be serving me over the year through his people, my friends.

When I think of these friends, I’m reminded of the early church in Hebrews. When I picture our laughter and moments of great despair – I am contented.

When I reflect on the ever-present struggle of continuous bashing from the world, I praise God for friends hands to hold and hearts to share.

When I consider the wondrous cross and all my scars and shame placed there, I want to run out and make more friends in Him who first showed me real friendship. To Jesus who walked a road with a cross, so that my soul might be set free from myself.

To my dearest friend Jesus, who first caught my tears as he showed me the¬†truth of my heart and this world. When the teachers words “a chasing after the wind” rang true in my heart – I was lifted by my dearest friend into life.

Oh God – how my heart has become light in your rest and comfort. My Lord who keeps his sheep safe, I thank you for your people who are my constant light in a selfish & angry world.

To my friends, you make my heart deeply glad.