A week in review

Sure, technically the week hasn’t ended. Technically, we’re on day 2 of a 7-day affair. It is Tuesday right?

Either way, all these technicalities mean nothing to me, my dear reader.

I have decided my week is done and I am now reviewing it.

What exactly I am reviewing beats me.I am grumpy and unable to shout at anyone around me for the simple reason that there is nobody here. So the next best solution?

Review my 24 hour week & gather some semblance of social nicety from it.


Thingy #1 – The week has been weird because for the last four days I have felt like I’m living out a Thursday. Do you know that feeling? Repeat days? Thursdays seem to bring with them, a sense of having rounded off another (almost) week. I have been feeling that false satisfaction for 4 days straight without having done much at all.

The concern is, it’s a matter of time before my brain gives me four straight Wednesdays. What then?!

Also #2. Decaf coffee. I could be wrong (haha sure), but its bound to have played a part in this Thursday brain jam.

#3. (sighhh) 3 reminds me of Wednesday.

This foggy brain behaviour [as noted above] lead me to assess (fairly poorly because I can’t get out of my brain) what I could do, to counter the Thursday loop. Under no circumstance did I google it because when you goole these things you’re directed to see gurus, snake charmers, clean out your closet or start the banting diet process.

Maybe those are the answers. I, however, am looking for a more cost effective, instant remedy.

  1.  Go for a walk.  Tested and brain was resistant to change
  2.  Less coffee. hahahahahaha
  3.  Eat better. hahahahahaha
  4. Sleep better. hhahahahahha

Oh wow.


Ok folks, I think I see what the problem is here. I’m actually pretty relieved I made that quick list there.

I’m clearly not walking far enough, re. #1.

That certainly encouraged a new found perspective on whats happening here. I’ve been depriving my mind and body of walking.

Thats a simple fix.

Im required to take more  footsteps, and I’ll be out of the Thursday fog for sure.

With that solved, let me go rustle up my usual breakfast of a litre coffee and 700 grams worth of donuts.